Be Your Own Insurer with SuretyBlock

SuretyBlock is a cutting-edge online insurance marketplace, designed for groups and individuals seeking a streamlined and cost-effective way to establish their own captive insurance company. The unique advantage of this insurance model is twofold: it provides tailored coverage to its members while also offering an opportunity to benefit financially from the associated insurance program.


Our platform seamlessly integrates blockchain technology with advanced AI algorithms. While blockchain-based contracts are utilized to capitalize on the insurance reserves of the captives in our program, our AI capabilities play a pivotal role in optimizing the underwriting and adjusting processes. This ensures that insurance captives on SuretyBlock are managed with utmost efficiency and precision.


Furthermore, for Ethereum investors, SuretyBlock presents an enticing proposition. By participating, they can earn returns without compromising their position, allowing them to continue to HODL with confidence.

Broader coverage
Profit sharing
Improved claims handling
Lower premiums

SuretyBlock Planned Captives

Eagle 1

Hole-in-One Insurance


Glass Replacement Insurance


Weather Insurance


Insurance for Strata